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Let my mirror reflect to you what I see so deeply:

I am a creative with the camera as my main instrument.

My brain is a creative idea machine. Just a slight spark of inspiration can light up a whole new project in my head. Fun? Yes! Challenging? That too. Fortunately, there’s one red thread in all my ideas: my passion for photography and people.


Photography is my guide in life. It is the fundament of my creativity, it brings me clarity in why I do what I do, it helps me to see myself and others in a broader perspective.

Connection is my most profound inspiration.

It is my passion to help people create deeper connections with themselves and others through photography. My being, my creative eye and my camera create a powerful mirror. That is how I photograph what is - beyond what can be seen: feelings, emotions, the energy in a room... I capture the essence of being.

I believe consciously nurturing connection in all that we do helps us to live fulfilling lives.


In connection with

Ourselves, our souls, our bodies

Others, loved ones, animals, creatures

The earth & universe, our deepest truths

Get to know me

Where I live

in Portugal, but I'm born in The Netherlands

My happy place

Nature! Preferably surrounded by trees

Favourite beings

My beautiful partner and lazy lady dog

Human Design

Projector, 4/6

Favourite books

Midnight Library by Matt Haig & Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

How I live

In nature in a van

Something else

Diagnosed autistic & gifted

What I want to learn

How to build a tiny house, become a goldsmith


I photograph what is - beyond what can be seen:
I capture the essence of being.


Words from others

'Your beautiful authenticity is an invitation for the other to be their authentic self and that truly shows in the images you create.'

Anne | Breathwork Facilitator & Mom

Connect with me!

Do you feel the call to connect with me? Whatever it is that sparked your attention - feel free to reach out! Let's discover what connects us and see how we can create together.

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