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When I say #businesswoman and #girlboss you get the picture - right? Fran fitted perfectly in that picture. But there’s always more than that picture you have of someone in your mind. There’s often even more than the picture you have of yourself. Whenever we say ‘I am…’ it doesn’t mean ‘…so I am not…’. You can be anything you want. You can always be you, all of you. To me Fran is a beautiful example of someone who truly embodies all that she is. And I’m so proud of her for showing me who she is in front of my lens.

Fran told me she has grown a lot as a person and that it was time to show that to the world. She needed photos that represent her new vision on her personal branding for her company FRANSCHA.

The photoshoot was simply amazing! She fully trusted me and my creativity which made this shoot one of my favourites. I really wanted to take a photo of her in the ocean which was challenging for her to do, of course. We had so much fun and there was such a good vibe that in the end she went all in.

I love how the photos turned out and how you can see her personal growth in this series as well as how this photoshoot evolved during the day.

Thank you so much Fran <3 I'm very grateful for the amazing day we had!


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