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Mastermind Experience

A few weeks ago I photographed a 4 day Mastermind Experience hosted by Franziska Schaadt. It was a beautiful experience that taught me a lot. I did not just take photos, I also participated in all the workshops. I was one of a group of beautiful people.

During this experience I felt like I was living my full potential and that feeling gave me so much confidence. This job didn’t feel like work. I was simply being myself and doing what I love to do. I didn’t play a role. I wasn’t ‘the photographer’. I was part of the group and experienced all workshops and activities like the others did. The only difference was that I was taking photos as well. Like I also do when I’m with my friends. It’s a perfect example of how photography feels for me. The work/life balance talk makes no sense. It’s just life. It is me.

Scroll down to see what the experience was like.


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