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Personal Branding

Capturing your authenticity while showing the professional leader you are.


Personal Branding Photography is much more than a good headshot and sitting-behind-the-laptop-with-a-coffee photos (let's give a fun spin to those!). Personal Brand Photos are about showing up as you are; they're photos that visually support your values, personality & ideas. Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur or side-hustler, it's most valuable to have high quality images that expose you as the expert that you are. 

In all Personal Branding Photoshoots I guide you to the best possible result with moment-to-moment posing prompts and creative ideas that effortlessly show your essence. All you need to do is let go to just be yourself and enjoy the experience.

Depending on your visual business strategy I work more freely and experimental or with a concept and moodboard. Besides that, I love to have a Creative Director on board to enhance your authenticity through visual statements even more.

All Personal Branding Packages include;

  • Discovery Call

  • Preparation Guide (coming soon!)

  • Concept Call

  • Photoshoot

  • Post Production

  • Selection Call

  • License for usage

Packages start at €999 ex. vat

Online Business Coach & Entrepreneur


'The combination of Kaylee’s style and calm personality is why I chose to work with her for my Personal Branding Images. I don’t naturally feel comfortable in front of a camera but Kaylee made me feel as relaxed as I could be.


I’m very happy with the result, it’s a perfect mix of Personal Brand Photos. Everything I asked for she delivered. I would definitely recommend working with Kaylee because of her approach and the quality of her work.'

Holistic Coach


The photos translate my vision so well!


I chose to work with Kaylee because I thought she was authentic, calm and approachable. This is exactly what I experienced.

I don’t like being in front of the camera but the awkwardness went away quickly because Kaylee put me at ease. I was even able to enjoy it!


Kaylee’s approach is professional, purposeful, lowkey and cheerful. There’s know fuss. What you see is what you get. I like that! She has a great eye for detail and knows how to put one at ease as well. I would recommend working with her.


Founder of Female Hormonal Health platform Caona

Kaylee was recommended to me by a friend. I loved the way you captured a person or situation and your perspective on things. And honestly, I loved how open she was about her autism and I wanted a different perspective on me shown on my pictures – that maybe neurotypical people would not see.

Kaylee made me feel safe and seen. In a personal and professional way. Not only did the photos capture my essence, she also thought about the purpose and audience for the photos as well as my professional background (femtech founder) and created this unique image between femininity and business that has been complimented by so many people that have seen the pictures.

The result is more than I could have ever expected. I am very pleased and can use the photos for everything I wanted and communicated beforehand. This has been the best photo shoot of my life. The experience itself and the results.