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Intentional and personal art of the moments in life you want to remember.

An experience to celebrate and honour the raw moments of life.

A portrait session is a meaningful experience when working from intention. Photos have the power to offer something more profound than beautiful images. They're honest mirrors that reveal parts of you that you cannot yet see. Let photos be guides to meet yourself.

Whether it is a huge self-discovery or a beautiful remembrance, an intentional photo session continues to move long after. Expect to have artful images that are meaningful for a lifetime.

Every photoshoot is different because we shape it together from your intention. I keep an organic approach in all my sessions so we can stay connected to your needs in the moment.

All of you is welcome, from pure happiness to deep grief and everything in between. I invite you to show up as you are and to be open to what the experience is going to reveal to you.

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For singles, couples & small families

Honouring her body after breast cancer


'I talked a lot about the session and realised that this was such a big part of my journey to loving myself and my body. It meant so much that Kaylee told me she finds me beautiful. In this safe open space we were both able to be vulnerable. It was beautiful. Kaylee, thank you for your support and your work.'


Body Acceptance after losing weight & Celebrating a healthier relationship to food and her body


It’s so easy to feel at ease around Kaylee. She radiates a certain calm which makes it simple to expose yourself in front of the camera. It was so beautiful to work with a personal theme. Together we entered a bubble of creation that was especially valuable to me on a personal levelWhenever I do a photoshoot with Kaylee, it always feels like more than that. Her strength is to go deeper; deeper than the beautiful pictures.